Adrian-Gheorghe Florea – Univeristy of Oradea, Faculty of Economic Sciences; 1 Universității street, Oradea, Romania

Diana-Claudia Perțicaș – Univeristy of Oradea, Faculty of Economic Sciences; 1 Universității street, Oradea, Romania

Diana-Cristina Sava – Univeristy of Oradea, Faculty of Economic Sciences; 1 Universității street, Oradea, Romania

Consumption behaviour;



The living standards of Europeans have been facing serious chal­lenges starting with the Covid-19 pandemic, and continuing with the Rus­sia-Ukraine war and all its threats. Europe is facing one of its outcomes in the current gas shortage problem, impacting negatively various aspects of the Europeans’ lives, such as rising inflation. However, the rising trend of in­flation was noticed even before the problems related to the Russian gas sup­ply. The current paper presumes the Covid-19 pandemic’s lockdown and the changes in consumption behaviour also have a relevant contribution to the rising inflation; in this respect, the authors used both deductive – by collecting data regarding the national indicators – and inductive methods, as well – by conducting a survey in the Western part of Romania investigat­ing the consumption patterns. The pandemic challenged individuals, insti­tutions, entire systems, countries and regions to adapt to hardship and to create new ways of overcoming the restrictions imposed by the lockdown; although considering the stressful times and situations created by this phe­nomenon, it also enhanced negative adaptive and coping behaviours. This paper’s focus falls on the level and ways of spending during the pandem­ic, to assess if the rising inflation started with the irrational spending during the pandemic

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LIMEN Conference

8th International Scientific-Business Conference – LIMEN 2022 – Leadership, Innovation, Management and Economics: Integrated Politics of Research – CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS, Hybrid (EXE Budapest Center, Budapest, Hungary), December 1, 2022,

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Florea, A. G., Perțicaș, D. C., & Sava, D. C.  (2022). How Much Did the Pandemic Consumption Behaviour Contribute to the Rising Inflation?
The North-Western Romanian Households’ Perspectives. In V. Bevanda (Ed.), International Scientific-Business Conference – LIMEN 2022: Vol 8. Conference proceedings (pp. 61-66). Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans.


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