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5th International Scientific-Business Conference – LIMEN 2019 – Leadership, Innovation, Management and Economics: Integrated Politics of Research – SELECTED PAPERS, Graz, Austria, December 12, 2019, published by the Association of Economists and Managers of the Balkans, Belgrade; Printed by: SKRIPTA International, Belgrade, ISBN 978-86-80194-27-1, ISSN 2683-6149, DOI:



In the early 21st Century, when the Lisbon Strategy is passed, strategic planning in Europe
experiences dynamic development. A new strategic document titled Europe 2020 is passed in 2010. Its
goal is to make the European Union smart, sustainable and inclusive economy delivering high levels of
employment, productivity and social cohesion. The document has outlined eight measurable headline
targets. Following its entry into the EU in 2007, Bulgaria is also expected to fulfil the requirements of
the Europe 2020 strategy and achieve the specific targets that have been set. The main purpose of the
paper is to identify Bulgaria’s progress towards achieving the targets set at European level, and to
outline the primary problems the country faces in the process of achieving said targets. The main conclusion
is that despite its progress regarding some of the headline targets, Bulgaria has yet to achieve
smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.



Headline targets, Strategy implementation, European Union.




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